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Developing Skills for Success On and Off the Ice

Think Beyond the Rink! is The D1 Development Group's off ice initiative to help players succeed in the classroom, and in their communities. Our mission as tutors and coaches is to develop well rounded players who can contribute in all facets of their life.

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Tutoring for Student Athletes

We at the D1 Development Group understand how important it is to have a healthy balance between academics and athletics. However, often times it is difficult for students to get the individual attention and help they need because of their busy extra-curricular schedules. We at the D1 Development Group would like to alleviate this problem by offering individual and small group tutoring sessions for students that is integrated into their extra-curricular schedule. (Grades K-8)

Why Have a Tutor?

- Give your student the attention the help he/she deserves to reach his/her maximum academic potential.

- Establish an organized and efficient study vs. play routine.

- Minimize travel to and from sports practice locations.

- Adult supervision in a safe and learning conducive environment. 

Where are the Sessions?

- Students may have session prior to practice at the rink in designated 'Study Areas.'

- Students may have the tutor travel directly to their residence.*

- Students may choose a nearby library or other public institution of their choosing to have lessons.*

*Additional travel fees may apply

Who is my student's tutor?

Current Available Tutors:

Kevin Crane

     "I have been involved with teaching both on and off the ice for almost 10 years and understand the intricacies of balancing sports with academics. I'd love to offer my help to any and all students who are looking to get the most out of their academics and active lifestyle."

D1 Development Group, LLC - Founder/Director - 2015

International Tutors Tokyo - Head Teacher/COO - 2011

Berlitz Japan - Corporate English Instructor - 2010

Princeton University - Class of 2010

Phillips Exeter Academy - Class of 2006


*Please feel free to contact me with any inquiries and I will get back to you as soon as possible.*  

Want to become a tutor?


Please reach out to us with your resume and teaching experience. We are always looking for well qualified instructors to help our youth grow on the ice and in the classroom!

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